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Little Cutie Glitter Cupcake Toppers: Sweet Decorations

Little Cutie Glitter Cupcake Toppers: Sweet Decorations

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Elevate your baby shower or kids' birthday party with our charming Little Cutie Glitter Cupcake Toppers. These tangerine citrus-themed decorations are perfect for adding a sweet and vibrant touch to your dessert table. Crafted with attention to detail, these cake toppers feature the word "Cutie" in glittery style, creating a delightful and playful atmosphere.

Quantity "1"= 2 slices, 2 whole, 2 little cutie w/ orange slice upper right corner= 6 total picks

Whether you're celebrating a baby shower with a tangerine theme or hosting a "Hey Cutie" kids' birthday party, these cupcake toppers are sure to brighten up your festivities. The glittery finish adds a touch of sparkle and excitement, making them ideal for enhancing your cake decor and party theme.

Each set comes with an abundance of cupcake toppers, ensuring you have enough to adorn all your sweet treats. They are easy to insert into cupcakes, cakes, or other desserts, instantly elevating their visual appeal. These "Cutie" cake toppers are a delightful way to infuse your celebrations with a burst of fruity charm.

Add a sweet and playful touch to your events with the Little Cutie Glitter Cupcake Toppers. Order now to make your dessert table truly memorable, filled with the joy and whimsy of these adorable tangerine-themed decorations.

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